“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It's not.”
-Dr. Suess, The Lorax

Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's Not About Me

Before I go any further with sharing my stories and perspective through this blog, I feel I ought to make something very clear:
It’s not about me.
This life I’m living, these experiences I’ve been given, the stories I have to share, the blessings and the heartaches – Allison is not the focus.  Please, please understand this.  It’s not about me.
It’s all about Him.
My heart for the people of Haiti was created by God Himself.  I have done nothing on my own.  I’m not that brave, I’m not that tough, and I’m not that nice.  Without Jesus, I’m just a lazy, selfish lump of dirt.  The only thing I can take credit for is that God offered me the chance to walk with him, and through years of God softening my heart and preparing me for this journey, I said “Yes.”
I said yes to God.  That’s it.  I am worthy of no accolades or words of praise.  I said yes to the Creator of the universe to walk with Him.  I could have said no, which I have many times in the past, I’m ashamed to admit.  But this time, when God opened my eyes to Haiti, He gave me the strength to say yes.  He taught me through the Word that the only thing I had to do was say yes – and He would take care of the rest.  For goodness sake, God has even given me the Holy Spirit to live inside of me, never leaving me to do any of this alone!    
The Bible is full of promises.   If you trust that the Bible is God’s Word, and that God says only Truth, then you can embrace these promises with confidence.  It’s pretty simple (even though we all try to make it much more complicated than it is).  Trust Him, and He’ll take care of everything.
Love God.  Love people.  These two rules are the most important. – Matthew 22:34-40
The big guy in charge of heaven and earth commands all Christians to share His love and teach all people of the world about Him.  And He will be there with us every step of the way. – Matthew 28:18-20   
I could go on and on, citing verse after verse that shows us what we are supposed to do, why we are supposed to do it, and that we don’t have to be tough/smart/brave/etc. to step up to the plate and accept the job.  We just have to say yes.
I said yes.  I’d have been a fool not to.  You see, by just saying yes, I get to have a front row seat in the most fantastic ride…and God is at the wheel.  I don’t even have to drive.  I don’t even have to know where we’re going, or why we’re going there.  God is taking me on an amazing ride, though He doesn’t need any passengers.  He just genuinely enjoys the company.  He’s my Father, after all.  And I don’t have to worry about the details; I only have to trust Him.  God has the map, an endless tank of fuel, and though the ride can get really bumpy, it’s the sweetest ride there is. 
So please, I ask you to remember as I share these experiences with you, to hold tight to the understanding that this is not about me.  It’s all about our Lord and His glory.  All good things come from Him (James 1:17), and He is the One to be praised (Psalm 145:3).   

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Lynn Jordan said...

read you blog this morning and wished that I had written it. (but it's not about me) You are eloquently saying what I have always wanted to be able to express. I just said "yes", and God let me in...to an amazing group of people who love Him and orphans and giving and sharing and loving...Who knew that he could use a wretch like Me???