“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It's not.”
-Dr. Suess, The Lorax

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Most Beautiful Woman

Today I met the most beautiful woman. 
She has deep wrinkles from many years of living a hard life deep in the mountains of Haiti.
She is slender and muscular, because she doesn’t get to eat much food and has to work hard.
She is a great-great grandmother.  She is a widow.    
She isn’t sure of her age, because they just didn’t keep up with the years back when she was young.
She believes in Jesus.  She knows He takes care of her. 
She has faith in her loving, always-present Father.  She sings His praises.  She shares her stories of how the Lord is always watching over and blessing her.
Her only support comes from her church, a little meeting place up in the mountains.  The poorest of the poor, following the Word, they sacrifice and share so that this widow is taken care of.  The purest example of the Church.  True worship (James 1:27). 

Today she followed what Jesus told her to do.  She brought her granddaughter’s son, a little boy two years of age, to Real Hope for Haiti.  On her own, she has cared for this child, abandoned by his mother, for the past year.  It has been difficult, and she needs help. 
Her words:
Nourishment she cannot provide him.  That she needs help with.
Jesus, she has plenty of Jesus to share with him, though. 

This wise woman of many years is a wonderful example of what a beautiful woman of faith looks like. 
Strength.  Not of her own, but fully from Jesus.
Faith.  In all things, believing He is in control.
Worship.  In the moment He blesses, that is the time to sing His praises, proclaim His name, and dance with joy for the grace He provides. 
What an honor I had today to kiss the cheek of such a beautiful woman of God.


Jessie Richardson said...

Beautiful woman, indeed. Wonderful post. Praise God for RHFH!

Vera said...

That IS beautiful! And SHE is beautiful!